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About SkeenVille

We are a very small TICA registered cattery breeding for health, temperament, type, and quality. Our breeding program consists of 4 cats: 3 healthy older HCM negative females (scanned yearly), and 1 HCM scanned breeding male. Health is our absolute top priority, and we provide an 8 year guarantee against HCM. We work closely with select like-minded breeders to ensure the health and breed standard of the Sphynx is preserved. We work in close contact with our veterinarian, and our cattery is inspected annually to ensure quality. We have earned the TICA Outstanding Cattery recognition. Find out what this means and see how very few breeders have earned this recognition here. We recommend that before buying any cat, do your research and visit the home in which it was raised.
Please see the Coming Soon page for more info on acquiring one of our babies.

Formerly known as Smoothies Sphynx Cattery, we changed our name to SkeenVille. "Skeen", the nickname of LA SGC/GP, RW Angelsark Liza Skinnelli LA SGC/GP, RW Angelsark Liza Skinnelli is the one who started it all. Our first "real" show cat, Skeen got us "hooked" into the world of showing cats and making friends around the globe. Skeen remains one of the most successful Sphynx Show Cats in history. Besides her career as a show cat, Skeen was a fabulous pet. Her temperament was one of the reasons we fell in love with this special breed. Our breeding goals are to produce more cats like Skeen: healthy, happy, HCM clear, full of personality, and of course beautiful. Sadly, Skeen passed away in 2011 from Lymphoblastic (high grade) Intestinal Lymphoma.

All of our cats are treated with the utmost love and respect, and live like pets first and foremost. They are all very lovable, socialized cats, most of which sleep in our beds every night. Each of our cats is unique in personality. They are well-traveled and very socialized as we like to promote them by taking them to shows often. We believe in showing cats as a way to preserve the breed standard, making sure that all cats being bred conform to that standard. We have had great success in this endeavor. We strive for excellence and carefully select which unions will be most likely to produce the type of look we want while preserving health. Health is our absolute top priority. Pedigrees are scrutinized closely for healthy lines from reputable breeders. Our cats receive the absolute best in veterinary care. Annual check ups are performed by board-certified internists on each of our cats (breeding cats as well as retirees) yearly. We are an HCM Scanning Cattery. Our breeding cats as well as our neutered and spayed pets are scanned annually for HCM. All scans are posted for all to see on our website (not just the most recent scans- ALL scans as it is important to see a trend over the years). We provide an 8 year HCM guarantee on our kittens. We work closely with a wonderful board-certified cardiologist for all of our scans. Additionally we work with a board-certified Theriogenologist (certified reproductive vet) for any reproductive concerns. We keep in touch with all retired breeding cats from our line so as to be aware of any health-related issues, and we pay for the HCM scanning of these cats as well.



About Marion Yates

Marion is committed to producing healthy, well adjusted, socialized, excellent show quality kittens. She has been showing for 10 years in The International Cat Association (TICA) and has won many Regional and International Awards in that time. She has titled every cat used in her breeding program, and screens each of her cats annually for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). She works with select like-minded breeders and attends cat shows several times a month. Marion was elected TICA Sphynx Breed Chair in 2009 and re-elected again in 2012 and is actively serving the position. She is also an Approved Specialty Cat Show Judge for TICA. She is involved in the management of several cat shows all over the United States, and is a member of many TICA clubs. Outside of the cat fancy, Marion is a real estate investor and a Clinical Nurse Manager in the Orange County area.

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We feed and recommend a raw and grain free diet.