Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a disease affecting cats in which the walls of the heart become increasingly enlarged. The cause of HCM is believed to be genetic. Prognosis is not favorable as there is no known cure at this time. In a fairly recent study, cats with HCM lived for an average of around 736 days, but Iíve heard of HCM-afflicted cats living for four or more years before heart failure. If diagnosed early, medication can slow the process down. Late diagnosis is usually postmortem, or when the disease has reached an acute state.It has been noted that an alarming increase of Sphynx, especially younger ones, have been afflicted with HCM in recent years. The best hope for HCM, it seems, is to diagnose animals which carry the HCM gene and donít let them breed. 

Since HCM may show up at any age, responsible Sphynx Breeders scan their breeding cats regularly for HCM by a board-certified cardiologist (Visit www.acvim.org to find a cardiologist near you). Just because a cat has scanned negative at one scan, does not mean HCM will not develop in the future. Ask your breeder to see the scans of the parents! Responsible breeders will freely share this information. All SkeenVille HCM scans can be viewed under the photos of each of our cats. We also keep track of all retired breeding cats placed as pets to ensure HCM does not develop in the future. If you have a retired breeding cat from our line, we will be happy to assist in paying for its HCM scan. 

Currently, Washington State University's Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Lab is conducting research to identify the genetic mutation responsible for HCM in Sphynx. To date, this gene has not been identified. We need research participants! 

Your cat qualifies to participate in the study if: 
Your Sphynx is over 8 years of age and has scanned HCM Negative OR is believed to be healthy (no murmurs, etc)
Your Sphynx has tested HCM Positive (any age!)
For info on how to participate in this important study, please visit this link.

We scan our breeding cats and our retired show cats yearly for HCM and recommend all Sphynx owners scan their pets. We also keep track of our retired breeding cats placed in pet homes. To find a cardiologist near you, visit: www.acvim.org.



RW SGCA Angelsark Gustave Flaubare of Smoothies , aka "Gus"

7/22/2006 - 12/18/2010
Angelsark Chase Me x GypsyAngel of Angelsark
HCM: 2007, 2009-1, 2009-2, 2009-info, 2010-2, 2010-follow-up
  • 2010 15th Best Southeast Alter
  • 2010 3rd Best International Sphynx Alter in TICA
  • 2009 Supreme Grand Champion Alter
  • 2009 13th Best Southeast Cat
  • 2007 15th Best Great Lakes Kitten
  • 2007 3rd Best International Sphynx Kitten in TICA

Gus was diagnosed with HCM at the age of 3 1/2. As HCM is a disease which may develop at any time, his first two HCM scans were negative. Shortly after his diagnosis, his father, Angelsark Chase Me, was also diagnosed with HCM along with his 10 year old great grandfather, Dhondt's Nevar. HCM is truly a genetic disease. Gus lived for nearly a year after his diagnosis. He was monitored closely by two feline cardiologists but unfortunately went into heart failure shortly after his diagnosis. His HCM was very aggressive. Gus was a very happy kitty who enjoyed traveling, going to cat shows, and hanging out with his naked buddies. His favorite past times were nursing on himself, stealing pens and pencils, and playing on his mom's iPad. Before his death, Gus was able to participate in Washington State University's Cardiac Genetics Lab research study to help identify the gene responsible for HCM. 

A golden heart stopped beating
Laughing eyes now at rest
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best

There will never be another one like Gus. 

To donate to WSU's research in Gus' memory, please click on this link.

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