SkeenVille: Show Cats

We have track record of serious show cats. To date, Smoothies/Skeenville has some of the most successful show cats in Sphynx history. Take a look at the past 6 years. We've had a total of:

4 Lifetime Achievement Winners (out of 7 total in the history of Sphynx)
10 International Wins (IW)
7 International Best of Breed Winners
20 International Top 3 Best of Breed Winners
More than 30 Regional Wins (RW)

The ONLY Sphynx Breeder ever to attain Best International Sphynx in all three categories in the same season

LA SGC/GP, RW Angelsark Liza Skinnelli , aka "Skeen"

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6/1/2005 - 10/9/2011
We will never forget you, Skeen
GC Hapajo's Full Monty x SGCA Angelsark Gylou of Smoothies
HCM: Negative 2007, 2009, 2010
  • 2011 10th Best Southwest Regional Alter
  • 2011 2nd Best International Sphynx Alter
  • 2011 10th Best Cat in Premiership Region 5 CFA
  • 2010 Grand Premier- CFA
  • 2009 Lifetime Achievement Recipient (the 4th Sphynx in history to earn it!)
  • 2009 6th Best Southeast Allbreed Alter
  • 2009 2nd Best International Sphynx Alter in TICA
  • 2008 15th Best International Allbreed Alter in TICA
  • 2008 2nd Best Southeast Alter
  • 2008 Best International Sphynx Alter in TICA
  • 2007 22nd Best International Allbreed Cat in TICA
  • 2007 10th Best Interational Shorthair Cat in TICA
  • 2007 2nd Best Great Lakes Cat
  • 2007 3rd Best International Sphynx Cat in TICA
  • 2007 Supreme Grand Champion
Superstar Centerfold! Skeen was the cream of the crop, one of our best and brightest stars. She was the one who "started it all", as in she founded my cat show addiction! She is a 2-time TICA International Winner, 4-time TICA Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion, CFA Grand Premier, CFA Regional Winner. Liza was TICA's 22nd Best Allbreed Cat of the Year (2006-2007), TICA's 15th Best Allbreed Alter of the Year (2007-2008), and has earned the title of Lifetime Achievement with her third Regional Win in the 2009 Show Season. She is the 4th Sphynx in history to receive this prestigious award. In her lifetime, she has earned over 300 allbreed cat finals, of which more than 30 have been Best Allbreed Cat finals. However, she was much more than just a superstar. She was a wonderful cat to have around the house, as she purred most of the time and got along with everyone. She was absolutely the friendliest cat; she even purred in the airport! Sadly, Skeen passed away from Lymphoblastic (high grade) Intestinal Lymphoma. We did our best to save our wonderful friend, but her disease was virulent and extremely resistant. She was a brave fighter and we will never forget her. Those who knew her know how blessed we all were to have had such a wonderful presence in our lives, however brief.

IW OD SGC Smoothies Nudie Garland , aka "Bus"

View Pedigree: [ LINK ]
15 year old Black female born 5/9/2006
Breeder/Owner: Marion Yates
CH Angelsark Dash Right By You x CH Katmandos Shadow Dancer
HCM: Negative 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Blood-type: A
  • 2012 Outstanding Dam (prestigious award given by TICA for having produced 5 or more grand champions)
  • Working towards her Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2008 17th Best International Allbreed Cat in TICA
  • 2008 8th Best International Shorthair Cat in TICA
  • 2008 3rd Best Southeast Cat
  • 2008 BEST International Sphynx Cat in TICA
  • 2007 Supreme Grand Champion
"Bus" acquired her name because of the way she is built. This girl has a solid body, a nice feel to her skin, great muzzle and profile, and a phenomenal personality. Bus was TICA's 17th Best Cat of the Year (2007-2008), and also TICA's Sphynx Cat of the Year. One word describes Bus: Hungry. This cat eats more than I do! Bus is the boss of the house and frequently sleeps on top of the kitchen cabinets as she feels she is superior to the other "heathens" in the house. We look forward to her continued success as a wonderful lap cat and show cat. Go Bus!

LA SGC/GC Skeenville Bruce SpringSkeen , aka "Bruce"

View Pedigree: [ LINK ]
10 year old blue and white male born 4/22/2011
Breeder/Owner: Marion Yates
IW SGC Smoothies Nudie Garland x GC, GP, NW PinUpCats Dark Side of the Moon
HCM: Clear 2012, 2014, 2015
Blood-type: A
  • 2014 CFA Regional Winner
  • 2013 TICA 12th Best Allbreed Cat, Southwest Region
  • 2013 CFA Grand Champion
  • 2013 TICA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Two Time International Winner (in 1 season!)
  • 2012 18th Best International Allbreed Kitten
  • 2012 3rd Best Southwest Kitten
  • 2012 Best International Sphynx Kitten
  • 2012 22nd International Allbreed Cat
  • 2012 2nd Best Southwest Cat
  • 2012 Best International Sphynx Cat
  • 2012 Supreme Grand Champion (in 3 shows!)
Bruce is a stunning boy out of Bus and Luke. He is a two time International Winner in just one show season. He was Best Sphynx Kitten in TICA and Best Sphynx Cat in TICA. He brings together the best of both of his parents in a beautiful package with a wonderful disposition. We expect amazing things from this young boy. He earned his Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2013 season.

IW Skeenville Skindependence Day , aka "Depp"

9 year old Red Mackerel Tabby and White male born 7/4/2012
Breeder/Owner: Marion Yates
LA SGC/GC, RW Skeenville Bruce Springskeen x SGC Rainingrexes Fly Robin Fly
HCM: Clear 2015
Blood-type: A
  • 2014 TICA BEST International Sphynx Cat
  • 2014 TICA 11th Best International Allbreed Cat/4th Best Shorthair Cat
  • 2014 TICA 2nd Best Allbreed Cat Southwest Region
  • 2013 TICA 13th Best International Allbreed Kitten
  • 2013 TICA 2nd Best International Sphynx Kitten
  • 2013 TICA BEST Allbreed Kitten Southwest Region
Depp is a beautiful boy from Bruce and Robin. Born July 4th, he continues to surprise us with his wonderful personality and show stature. He has done incredibly well in his show career and has climbed to the top in just a few shows! We expect great things from him!

IW SGC Skeenville I'm All Ears of Trunude , aka "Focker"

8 year old Black Silver Mackerel Tabby and White male born 3/13/2013
Breeder/Owner: Marion Yates
SGC Rainingrexes Fly Robin Fly x GC RW Pinupcats Pirate Flag
HCM: Not yet old enough for scan.
Blood-type: A
  • 2014 3rd Best Allbreed International Kitten
  • 2014 BEST Southwest Allbreed Kitten
  • 2014 17th Best Southwest Cat
"Focker" had an amazing career as a kitten and continues to impress us! We expect great things from this young boy.

LA SGCA/GP Godz Gideon of Smoothies , aka "Gator" or "Capt Morgan"

View Pedigree: [ LINK ]
11 year old black and white neutered male born 10/19/2009
Breeder: Judi Price/Marion Yates
Owner: Marion Yates
RW SGCA Angelsark Gustave Flaubare x GC Godz Camelia
HCM: Clear 2011, 2012
  • 2013 TICA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2013 TICA 17th Best Allbreed Alter Southwest Region
  • 2011 18th Best Southwest Shorthair Cat (in 3 shows!)
  • 2012 10th Best International Allbreed Alter
  • 2012 Best International Sphynx Alter
  • 2012 3rd Best Southwest Allbreed Alter
Gator is our beloved troublemaking boy. He gets into anything and everything. His favorite T shirt is a pirate shirt, which earned him his nickname "Capt Morgan". He earned his first Regional Win (RW) in only 3 shows, and earned his Supreme Grand Champion Alter title in 4 shows! For the 2012 season, he ended with a top 10 International Win, our highest ever! Thanks to Judi Price for this beautiful boy. Go Gator!

RW SGCA Angelsark Gylou of Smoothies 

View Pedigree: [ LINK ]
17 year old Black spayed female born 8/12/2003
Breeder: Robert Sterling
Owner: Marion Yates
Mother of LA SGC/GP, RW Angelsark Liza Skinnelli and aunt of IW OD SGC Smoothies Nudie Garland
HCM: Negative 2009, 2011, 2012
  • 2011 12th Best Southwest Regional Alter
  • 2010 Supreme Grand Champion Alter at 7 years of age
Gylou (pronounced "Jilloo") is a gorgeous girl. She has a silky smooth texture to her skin and bright gold eyes that will captivate anyone. She recently started her show career as a spayed female.....AND FELL IN LOVE WITH SHOWS. At 7 years old, she earned her Supreme Grand Champion Alter and is currently well on her way to a Regional Win. She has absolutely the best personality. Raise your Gylou flag!

GC Godz Camelia of Skeenville, DM , aka "Cami"

View Pedigree: [ LINK ]
15 year old blue tortie and white female born 4/16/2006
Breeder: Judi Price
Owner: Marion Yates
CH Le L'Amitie Cherir S'il Vous Plait, DM x GC Le L'Amitie Plaything of Godz
Aunt of LA SGC Angelsark Liza Skinnelli!
HCM: Clear 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012
Blood-type: A
  • CFA Grand Champion (2007)
  • CFA Distinguished Merit (Prestigious award for having produced 5 or more CFA Grand Champions)
Cami is a beautiful addition to our program. Many thanks to Judi Price and Cyndee Gause for making this possible. Cami has a wonderful personality and even sings! As of October 2012, Cami is retired.

Amajen Pocket Dragon , aka "Gria"

View Pedigree: [ LINK ]
20 year old brown Mackerel tabby and white spayed female born 6/8/2001
Owner: Marion Yates
Kitnhuyse Fredericks de Hollywood of Amajen x Foxwellhall Air and Allegro
HCM: Clear 2009, 2011, 2012
Pocket Dragon is not really a show cat, but she would feel left out if I didn't have her on this page. She would like to be a show cat but she's just, well, not a supermodel if you know what I mean. She is a wonderful girl. She is the grandmother of IW SGC Smoothies Nudie Garland. She is perfectly healthy and happy and has the most wonderful disposition. She serves as everyone's granny! You may not be the most beautiful cat, but I love you Pocket Dragon!!

GC Godz Blessing of Skeenville , aka "Peanut"

14 year old blue tortie and white female born 11/28/2006
Owner: Marion Yates
GC Le L'Amitie Plaything of Godz x GC Le L'Amitie Centerfold of Godz
HCM: Clear 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
Blood-type: A
  • One and a half show CFA Grand Champion

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